The Benefits of Surfing: Part Two

In our last post, we discussed some of the physical benefits of surfing. We talked about how surfing is both aerobic and anaerobic–building one’s cardiovascular endurance, as well as certain upper body muscle groups. But for some people, the mental benefits of surfing is far greater than the physical benefits.

In an age of stress and anxiety, any outlet for mental relief should be a priority, and it just so happens that surfing can be that outlet–and it’s a fun and thrilling outlet, at that!

Spending time in natural environments can improve mood: It has certainly been proven that spending time in nature can improve one’s over mood and level of mental clarity. But why is this? Some suggest that it has to do with our ancestral origination. According to the APA, Humanity has existed in natural environments since the dawn of time, which may suggest that human beings have an innate desire to connect with nature–consciously or unconsciously. The Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation suggests that human beings are fascinated with nature by design, and thus it is relieving to be immersed in environments that capture our emotion and attention.

Surfing can aid and develop the ability to concentrate: Surfing requires focus, as do most outdoor activities and sports for that matter. These activities engage our brain in what is called a “Flow State.” A flow state can be defined as full immersion in a single activity, without distraction. We have all been there: reading a good book, creating art, or simply walking in the woods. Surfing is a great domain for achieving flow state, as it is highly immersive and engaging. According to Leon Ho, Ceo of Lifehack, entering flow states regularly can facilitate and improve one’s ability to concentrate on a consistent basis.

In conclusion, surfing a great activity that betters your mental and physical health. In the climate of the modern day, whether it be work, school, or just the business of everyday life, most of people need an outlet of sorts. Any form of exercise is an apparent solution to this, but surfing extends to multiple branches of mental and physical betterment. Not to mention, it is a spectacular hobby, aside from self improvement, that is a source of much enjoyment. There is more to the benefits of surfing than just . . . surfing. In fact, the salt water has a huge part to play, as well. Surfing is a great activity for people from all walks of life, with a league of advantages. aside from the great fun, and it just so happens that it readily available, right on our door step.

The Benefits of Surfing: Part One

In light of the recent, 23rd Annual Cape Kiwanda classic, it may be a good idea to shine light on the numerous health benefits of grabbing a board and playing in some waves! This post is closely related to our “Benefits of the Beach” series . . . a spinoff, if you will. In this series, we will specifically look into the anatomy of the human body, and how it interacts with the sport of surfing, physically and mentally.

The Oregon Coast is a fantastic place to surf, especially in Pacific City. But why do people do it? Is there a reason for surfing aside from the joy of riding waves? As it turns out, there definitely is more to the surfing addiction than many people realize. Let’s take a look!

  1. Surfing employs cardiovascular exercise: According to a study done by the BetterHealth Channel, the act of surfing is a cardiovascular exercise; a type of exercise that includes jogging or hiking. Also known as aerobic training, cardiovascular exercise means literally, according to the Cleveland Health Clinic, to train “with oxygen.” Essentially, one engages in aerobic exercise when they partake in any activity the requires extensive breathing, resulting in the rapid build up of lactic acid within certain muscle groups. For example things like weightlifting or yoga are not included in this category, as these workouts don’t employ extensive breathing over elongated periods of time. These workouts would be considered “anaerobic” which is quite literally any exercise that doesn’t relate to cardiovascular exercises. It is widely recommended that one spend thirty minuets a day engaging in cardiovascular exercise. Back to surfing . . . in some cases, the mere paddle out can take fifteen minutes, so one can expect to stay in the surf for at least an hour, if not more. This makes surfing a great way to achieve the recommended amount of daily aerobic activity.
  2. Surfing builds shoulder and back muscles: Although surfing is great for cardiovascular exercise, it also is an outlet for building muscle. Surfing is volatile as an activity. One could catch twenty waves one day, and three to none the next. However, there is one thing that remains consistent every surf session: paddling. You have to paddle a lot when you go surfing! First, there is paddling out through the waves–one of the most challenging and daunting tasks in the sport. Once you are in the lineup, however, you have to be constantly readjusting in the water, paddling up or down the beach to be in the ideal spot to catch a wave. In the act of paddling, one activates the tricep, bicep, deltoid, trapezoid, and many other muscle groups. Paddling requires a full rotation of both arms, which are resisted by the water. Thus, surfing is perfect for those who wish to build their arms, shoulders, and upper and lower back. And, once again, it is super fun . . . a great alternative to the gym, if you ask me.

Cape Kiwanda Longboarding Classic: Recap

Last Thursday, we discussed the anticipation surrounding Cape Kiwanda’s 23rd Annual Surf Competition–halted since 2019 due to the global pandemic. Come the night of the 16th, the crowds began to flock to the Cape Kiwanda beach as the kick off of the competition began!

Morning Pacific City. Photo by Mark O. Mclinnis @markomcinnis

The heats started early Saturday morning. The wind was light with partly clouded skies and incredible water conditions. The men’s division kicked off the two days of surfing that would follow–a highly anticipated division due to it’s competition. Local legend, Rob Russo, competed in the 50-59-year-old division, which was very exciting for those locals who regularly surf his high performance surfboards. It is safe to say that his shaping skills complement his surfing ability! In order for a surfer to please the judges, they must display a combination of flow and style while also achieving the highest quantity of waves possible during the short, fifteen minute heat length. Russo clearly understood these requirements, as not only did he manage to snag a plethora of beautiful waves, but he also pulled off stylish maneuvers on the face and even excited the crowd with a few nose rides. He got second place in his first heat–securing his place in the final heat the next day. On Sunday, with an overall score of 15.03 points, Rob Russo managed to secure the victory.

Rob Russo with a freshly shaped, 9’0 log. Some say that his logs are his specialties. Photo from his website:

As the first day progressed, the north west winds began to increase–a surfers nightmare. Typically, the Cape does an excellent job protecting the waves form northern winds, but waves coming towards the beach are unavoidable, which transforms clean surf into a mushy mess. Nevertheless, the surfing continued, and the competitors persevered.

Though the older generation of men and women displayed an aged, mastered style of longboard surfing, the youngsters displayed a mix of modern styles and boards, combined with a bit of the older stuff, coined by past generations of surfers. Deklyn Wood gave the crowd a great example of this. Returning from his second place finish in 2019, Wood displayed a wondrous performance, taking first in all of his heats and finishing first place in the 18-29 year old division with a score of 17.20. Though Wood showed off his ability to maneuver the face with style–even managing a plethora of beautiful nose rides–the sheer quantity of waves that he was able to catch really drove home the win. Being perfectly positioned in the surf in order to catch the wave in the ideal section for a long ride is extremely difficult. It requires constant paddling and readjustments in the surf in order to combat unpredictable waves or currents. Essentially, Deklyn Wood showed his immense athleticism in this regard. Watching his waves would lead one to assume that the surf was consistent and that the waves where of great quality, when in actuality, it was purely Wood’s performance.

The surfing wasn’t only exclusive to the gentlemen, however. Forty-three ladies showed up and showed out! In a sport that is mostly dominated by the dudes (around a three to ten ratio) it was refreshing to see some PNW surfer girls display exceptional class and style. Women’s 30-39-year-old division, in particular, was especially busy with seventeen competitors enrolling in the heats. It was Kelly Aldinger who took home the gold in this highly competitive division, pleasing the crown with her luxurious turns and carves on the faces of a handful of quality waves. She walked away with an overall score of 16.83.

Hundreds of people dedicated their time to a weekend of surfing here in Pacific City. Though the draw of the contest is always the local talent and competition–community, good surf, and great brew is also the main attraction of the Classic. The waves were decent all down the beach, and thus non-competitors were able to get their hair wet as well. If you weren’t in the water, chances are you had your sand in the toes, basking in the sixty-five degree weather, enjoying a drink from the Brewfest, hosted by Pelican Pub.

The wind was especially light during the second day of competition (Sunday the 18th). For some, getting in the water was far less appealing than just planting in the sand for a couple of hours. “I was just excited to see good surfing and good art” said local photographer, Chase Dillion in reference to the Silent Auction which featured works from local legends and artists alike. His work was displayed amongst other photographs, art pieces, surfboards, and amenity packages. All proceeds from the auction are being used to fund the completion of Phase Two of the newly started skate park here in town. The skate park has been an ongoing project by the local skatepark construction company, Dreamland; perhaps the most renown skate park craftsmen on the entire West Coast. Phase One was completed recently, in 2020, but it is going to require the help of the local community to finish the construction of the park.

It is events like the Annual Cape Kiwanda Longboarding Classic that benefit the development of our local community, and it also makes for a really enjoyable weekend at the beach! Thus, the Classic is a must. Be sure to mark it down on your calendar for next year . . . and the year after that . . . and, perhaps, the year after that.

The Brewfest. Courtesy of Pelican Brewing.

Donate to the completion of The PC Skatepark

Cape Kiwanda 23rd Annual Surf Longboard Classic

After a two year absence due to the global pandemic, the 23rd Annual Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic is being hosted once again in Pacific City this weekend! Locals are stoked, as the longest running, premier event in the Pacific Northwest is making a return to our shores. Between the quenching, Pelican Pub brew being served directly on the sand, to the highly anticipated silent auction featuring the works of local artists like Ben Moon, or surfboards from local shapers like Rob Russo, the Classic is one of those rare events that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Pacific City locals, surfers especially, are itching to catch some waves, or relax on the beach and watch the shredders go to work. J.J French, a local shaper and surfer from Lincoln City, is eagerly checking surf forecasts in anticipation for his first time being a competitor in this year’s competition. “I’m just excited to have all of the Oregon surfing community in one place.” He remarks. “The coast is diverse, with a lot of breaks. It’s fun to have a conjoined surf session, at least once a year.”

We hope you’ll come visit Pacific City this weekend and join the festivities.

JJ French, chasing the nose ride on a small, Pacific City swell.

Photo credit: Lonnie French

Benefits of the Beach – Part 4

Swimming in the ocean is said to have many health benefits. Not only does it help improve mental well-being, but the minerals found in sea water heal a plethora of ailments.

Check out this list curated by the folks at showcasing the health benefits of an ocean plunge.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation:
    Increased and improved blood circulation endorses cell growth and organ function. Saltwater improves and increases your blood circulation by restoring minerals depleted by stress or poor diet.

  2. Improves Immune System:
    By swimming in cold saltwater you create a stressor in your body that helps boosts your immune system. Saltwater contains rudiments that create an antibiotic and antibacterial effect to stimulate a healthy immune system as well as fighting infection.

  3. Relieves Cold and Flu Symptoms:
    Another mineral found in saltwater is sodium chloride, which helps loosen mucus and treat respiratory problems. It also assists with relieving allergies by clearing the nasal passages of irritating pollens.

  4.  Improves Wellbeing:
    Saltwater is rich in magnesium and this helps to relax your muscles, reduce stress and relieves any nervous irritability. Saltwater also contains bromide that relieves muscle aches, pains and soreness caused by physical and emotional stress.

  5. Better Skin:
    The magnesium found in saltwater helps to hydrate your skin, whilst improving its overall appearance. Saltwater rejuvenates, exfoliates, and detoxifies your skin, as well as healing skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes and acne.

Next time you and your family take a vacation to the coast, be sure to take a dip in the ocean and see if you experience the healing benefits the salt water has to offer.

Remember to book direct with us. We’d love to be your go-to for your next Oregon Coast vacation.

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Benefits of the Beach – Part 3

There’s an ongoing theme emerging around why a beach vacation is so beneficial. In part 1 of this series, we discussed a concept called “blue space.” Interestingly enough, blue space doesn’t just benefit our mental health; it benefits our creativity too.

“Through associations with the sky, the ocean and water, most people associate blue with openness, peace and tranquility,” says Zhu, who conducted the research with UBC PhD candidate Ravi Mehta. “The benign cues make people feel safe about being creative and exploratory. Not surprisingly it is people’s favourite colour.”

This research may explain why adults tend to be more carefree and childlike when exploring the beach — trading in their spreadsheets and reports for sandcastles and kite flying. The beach has that draw that encourages children and adults alike to throw caution to the wind, play in the waves, and soak in the fresh air.

Next time you find your creative energy at a stand-still, book a beach getaway with Kiwanda Coastal Properties and let the tranquility of the ocean get your creative juices flowing. You deserve some time away to sink your toes in the sand, gaze out at the vast blue ocean, and enjoy the tranquility that nature has to offer.

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Benefits of the Beach – Part 2

We looked at the mental health benefits of an oceanside getaway last week, but what other benefits does the beach offer? This week we’re diving into how the beach can improve your physical health too.

I have a friend who used to drive to the Oregon Coast from Portland several times a month for work. She would always tell me that it wasn’t worth the trip if she didn’t get to feel the sand between her toes. So the question is, why does that feel so good? I’m so glad you asked!

A well-known but often forgotten health benefit happens when we engage with nature barefoot. It’s an Environment Medicine practice called “grounding” or “earthing.” This therapeutic technique emphasizes the health benefits of connecting yourself back to nature and gaining energy from the earth’s core. Environmental Medicine enthusiasts believe that chronic illness, increased inflammation, and sleep disorders have all increased due to our disconnection from the earth’s vast supply of electrons that are designed to “ground” us. “Research supports the idea that these electrons can cause changes in your body, like reduced pain and better sleep.”

The verdict is in folks. It’s time to book your next beach getaway so that you and your loved ones can spend some time digging your toes in the sand, walking barefoot on the beach, and engaging in nature’s healing medicine.

Benefits of the Beach – Part 1

Cape Kiwanda – Pacific City, Oregon

Would you rate a trip to the beach as one of your favorite vacation getaways? If you said ‘Yes,’ you’re not alone. Just a quick google search will prove that, by and large, most people gravitate to the beach when they are picking a spot to relax and unwind. So what’s behind this gravitational pull of the ocean? 

Well, studies show that time spent by the ocean is beneficial for a lot of reasons. In an MSUToday article, researcher Amber L. Pearson was the first to find a link between health and the visibility of water, which the researchers call blue space. In her findings, Amber shares that “Increased views of blue space is significantly associated with lower levels of psychological distress. However, we did not find that with green space.”

While you might not need more reasons to book your next beach getaway, we hope improving your mental health gives you another reason to pack your bags and head to the Oregon Coast this summer.