Lunch in Pacific City

Having an empty stomach at lunchtime in Pacific City is an interesting dilemma, but not due to having a lack of options. In fact, the problem is quite the opposite. Trying to choose a place to quench one’s hunger in Pacific City can be overwhelming. Hopefully, if you ever find yourself in this situation this guide can help you.

The Beach Wok is first on our list! If you love Asian food–or American, considering that the Beach Wok is technically an Asian fusion–then you will enjoy this option! From Asian noodles, to BLT’s, the Beach Wok will satisfy almost any hungry beach goer. Make sure you don’t miss out on the fried rice special, which is currently available.

The next restaurant on our list is Ben & Jeffs Burgers and Tacos. BJ’s is a quick and easy option–though don’t underestimate the flavor because it does not disappoint. The tension between burgers and tacos seems recurrent when deciding where to eat with friends. Although this is one of those pleasant problems to have, it can be a challenging dilemma. It’s a good thing Ben & Jeffs exists, so friend groups don’t have to choose between two favorites!

Los Caporales is a great option if you are wanting some good, authentic Mexican food. There is no fusion of food groups here (unlike the others)–thus in many ways it makes it the simplest, and most straightforward option. If you want a solid, authentic, and filling burrito, like many of us crave at lunch time, then Los Caporales is one of your safest options. Also, if it’s your first time, don’t miss out on the churro and whip cream dessert–it will satisfy any munchies that may linger after your scrumptious enchiladas.