The Benefits of Surfing: Part Two

In our last post, we discussed some of the physical benefits of surfing. We talked about how surfing is both aerobic and anaerobic–building one\’s cardiovascular endurance, as well as certain upper body muscle groups. But for some people, the mental benefits of surfing is far greater than the physical benefits.

In an age of stress and anxiety, any outlet for mental relief should be a priority, and it just so happens that surfing can be that outlet–and it\’s a fun and thrilling outlet, at that!

Spending time in natural environments can improve mood: It has certainly been proven that spending time in nature can improve one\’s over mood and level of mental clarity. But why is this? Some suggest that it has to do with our ancestral origination. According to the APA, Humanity has existed in natural environments since the dawn of time, which may suggest that human beings have an innate desire to connect with nature–consciously or unconsciously. The Allegheny-Kiski Health Foundation suggests that human beings are fascinated with nature by design, and thus it is relieving to be immersed in environments that capture our emotion and attention.

Surfing can aid and develop the ability to concentrate: Surfing requires focus, as do most outdoor activities and sports for that matter. These activities engage our brain in what is called a \”Flow State.\” A flow state can be defined as full immersion in a single activity, without distraction. We have all been there: reading a good book, creating art, or simply walking in the woods. Surfing is a great domain for achieving flow state, as it is highly immersive and engaging. According to Leon Ho, Ceo of Lifehack, entering flow states regularly can facilitate and improve one\’s ability to concentrate on a consistent basis.

In conclusion, surfing a great activity that betters your mental and physical health. In the climate of the modern day, whether it be work, school, or just the business of everyday life, most of people need an outlet of sorts. Any form of exercise is an apparent solution to this, but surfing extends to multiple branches of mental and physical betterment. Not to mention, it is a spectacular hobby, aside from self improvement, that is a source of much enjoyment. There is more to the benefits of surfing than just . . . surfing. In fact, the salt water has a huge part to play, as well. Surfing is a great activity for people from all walks of life, with a league of advantages. aside from the great fun, and it just so happens that it readily available, right on our door step.