Fall in Pacific City: Part One

As of the 22nd of September, we have officially transitioned into the season of Fall! While this does mean the imminent approach of rain, it also means a league of activities to indulge in, specific to the season of Autumn. In actuality, the season of Fall is extremely pleasant on the coast, so long as you have some boots and a rain jacket. Thus, let’s examine what is taking place over the next few months!

Although this event has already been undergone, Neskowin Valley School celebrated its 40th annual Harvest Festival. A Fall-oriented list would never be complete without mentioning the Harvest Festival, here on the coast. It is a splendid and, most definitely, festive gathering of local merchants from all across Oregon. Freshly sourced honey, handmade accessories, and local brews are to name the few perks of attending the Harvest Festival. However, a fresh, warm cup of hand pressed apple cider, paired with live music might apprehend you for the entirety of the event–so be warned before attending. Truthfully, one could attend the festival without spending a dime and have an incredible day, purely based on the relaxing, Fall-esque atmosphere that sets the tone for the months that follow the beloved Harvest Festival. If you couldn’t make it this year, mark it down for 2023–it is really that noteworthy.

Hopefully by the 13th of November, your home is in a festive mood–with lots of warm reds and oranges that look like the smell of Pumpkin Pie. If you are looking to expand your Fall decor with another beautiful table piece, then be sure to attend the Fall Flower Workshop outside of LOT 579 in the sitting area, on the November 13th. In attending the workshop, you will learn to put together a beautiful arrangement of Fall-colored flowers, as seen in the image above. This would look splendid on the dining table, come Thanksgiving!

Are you ready to brave the rain? If so, the hikes in our local area are exceptionally beautiful with the colors of Fall to contrast the Pacific Ocean. Hiking on the Oregon Coast is truly exceptional, year round. Each season, however, brings its own change to the atmosphere of hiking on the coast. Though our landscapes are dominated by that deep green almost year round, certain types of foliage assume a golden brown, warm red, or light orange during the Autumn season, which really changes the scenery of the coast from a view point. Not a fan of the rain? No problem, there are plenty of sunny days, scattered throughout the Fall season. The mud may be unavoidable, but that’s nothing a pair of rubber boots can’t fix! Sitka Sedge is particularly gorgeous this time of year. Mt. Hebo could also be a fantastic option if you are looks for a stunning view of the entirety of Tillamook County, from practically a birds eye view. There is something for everyone when looking for a hike on the Oregon Coast, and the Autumn crisp air makes it that much more enjoyable!