May 2021 KCP homeowner newsletter

Kiwanda Coastal Properties

Updates for Owners 5/13/2021

Gearing up for an epic summer!

This last winter has seen more demand than ever for the Oregon Coast, and vacation rentals in general. I have read that we are the only travel sector that experienced growth in 2020. Our team is working hard preparing to provide the best Pacific City beach vacations possible. We are thankful for your partnership, and the trust you have placed in us to keep your homes beautiful and ready for happy beach-goers.

Tillamook County’s STR Operator License Fee

Ordinance 86 was ratified in January and takes effect July 1, 2021. This is a new fee for vacation rental homeowners based upon gross revenue receipts each quarter. This will amount to about 2% of your total rent revenue. We have worked hard to increase rates to accommodate this fee. Tillamook County has been and will continue to send notices regarding this fee.
We attempted to enforce a new guest fee to collect this on your behalf but were notified by the county that we cannot legally pass this directly onto guests. We are still determining the best way to facilitate the payment of this fee for you. I believe we will require a management contract amendment allowing us to withhold from your proceeds, and remit the payment on your behalf.

The fee was designed to fund workforce housing initiatives and emergency services. I strongly believe that short-term rental owners should not have to burden this fund on their own and that other lodging providers and tourist businesses should also be required to contribute to this fund. I will continue to advocate on your behalf with the county. One of my top priorities is to be involved in the policies that affect you as a homeowner. 

The biggest challenge for 2021:
Up and down the coast we are seeing “help wanted” signs in almost every shop, lodging facility, and restaurant. Due to a variety of factors, there is a significant lack of workforce supply. This isn’t a problem that can be solved in a short amount of time, so for this summer, coastal businesses are begging for patience from visitors. Here at KCP, we are doing whatever we can to attain and keep good housekeeping staff; and we are so thankful for our long-term, hard-working loyal team. Our wages are high for the area (average housekeeper making more than $20/hour). We will work hard to make sure homes are guest-ready, it just might take us a little longer than normal. It is not fun to operate this way and rest assured we are doing everything in our power to operate at full capacity. I LOVE marketing and filling every open night, but this season the priority will be making sure every day we can be prepared to host your guests. 

Here are some articles regarding the shortage:
 Employee Shortage Getting Dire on Oregon Coast
Hospitality industry faces a complex hiring shortage of ‘crisis’ proportions
Help Wanted Hurts Everyone from Representative GombergWhat’s happening in PC?

The county is now charging $10 for parking at Cape Kiwanda, the turnaround (across from our office), and at the boat ramps. Yearly permits are available online for $55

COVID levels continue to fluctuate every 2 weeks, but at the moment we are at a “moderate” level meaning we can welcome 8 guests from 2 households into any home. We work hard to keep guests informed of the changing rules with constant messages, calls, and texts. Restaurants have been open for in-person dining which definitely makes visitors happy.

The area is preparing for an extra crowded summer in our area and has hired a ‘destination manager’ for Pacific City to work for solutions and tourism management. I serve on the Pacific City Parking committee representing small business interests in helping to guide decisions to help manage tourism and crowds. It’s always very important to advocate for Vacation Rentals in our community. Although most of the issues are caused by ‘day-trippers’, vacation rental guests often get blamed for everything from garbage, parking, dog-poop, parties, and COVID…and that is just not the case. Well-managed vacation homes mostly host nice families who enjoy and respect our beaches. As time-consuming as it can be sometimes, I find it extremely important to stay involved in local tourism-related groups to advocate for our industry and your property rights.

I’ve been a board member of the Nestucca Valley Community Alliance working to build a skatepark in PC. Proud to say at the end of this month the brand new skatepark will be OPEN! It’s in the overflow parking lot near Cape Kiwanda. We’re still working on adding a playground and more fun community spaces.

The real estate market is still very low on inventory. Beach properties are in high demand and prices are soaring. If you don’t know already…we do have a fully staffed Real Estate office here with 5 agents (including myself) who can answer any questions about property value if you’re interested. 

Let’s be the Example!
Volunteer work and advocating in our small community is a priority for me personally, but I want to use KCP as more of a channel to guide additional resources to needy parts of our region. Last year we set up a community donation fund for guests to donate. Guests didn’t donate as much as we would like, but with our company match, we distributed $800 to local charities. 

We have a couple of owners who have pledged to donate 5% of their earnings to our community fund. This is AMAZING and a phenomenal example. 

Again, with Vacation Rentals being the blame for everything that is wrong in the world (with the biggest argument being that rental money doesn’t stay in our community (WHICH I KNOW IS FALSE)); it would be extraordinary to promote that our owners have donated X amount to a charity fund in our area. 

Our current community donation fund benefits the Tillamook Animal Shelter, the South Tillamook County Food Bank, and the Nestucca Valley Community Alliance (working to build a park in PC). I can provide the donation receipts if requested for tax purposes. 

The Chamber has also recently called for donations for the 4th of July fireworks. They need $3000 more and plan to host the fireworks display on the 4th this year! 

Will you pledge a set amount or a percentage monthly to our local charities? If you have another charity in mind please let me know. Or if you only want to donate to a specific charity, that’s fine too. We are willing to facilitate the donations.

Again, I am so grateful that you have chosen to work with us to represent your beach home. Our business is small but mighty and there is so much passion within our team for marketing and caring for your home. We are constantly working on ways to improve our service to make sure you get the most income, the nicest guests, and the best home care possible.  I’m always happy to discuss any of your thoughts, concerns, suggestions, or ideas. Please contact me anytime. 

Nicole Twigg
503-816-9516 (cell)